In many ways Rough Close has become a spiritual home of the Steam Tent Co-operative. It was here that the idea was born, rising out of a camp fire discussions amongst members of Bushcraft UK who had been using the site for many years.

We have a good relationship with the staff and volunteers that run the site on behalf of the Scouts and hopefully we can maintain that for many years by following the general event guidelines set out elsewhere on this web site.

You can find their web pages here: with much of the information you will need to find the site but it is worth adding a bit more information to help people unfamiliar with the location to find it.

First of all, do not expect to see a large signpot saying you are in the right place. From Tanners Lane the entrance is quite discreet. The post code CV7 7DD will get your Satelite Navigation system quite close but you are looking for a narrow track by the side of a house with two small signs saying “Rough Close” with Scouting badges on them. Easy to miss if you are going too fast.

The Google Map can be found here: Road View.

Proceed down this track slowly and carefully, there are speed ramps and a deep ditch on one side which is not always clearly visible.

At the very end of the track you will come to the car park where most of the vehicles will have to be left. I suggest you proceed on foot from here until you know whether there is room to get your vehicle on site for unloading. We are only supposed to have two vehicles parked near to the pitch at a time.

We usually use the area around “The Sleeping Shelter” near the 'George Sheppard' Cabin.

If you follow the track through the large gate and bear left past the crew buildings, past the track on your right leading to the “Norton Hut” and “Guild Field”. You will pass the workshops on your left and a wood store on your right and come to a roundabout with the main toilet blocks to the left and the 'George Sheppard' Cabin on the right. Out pitch is just beyond the cabin on the right, opposite the camping pods on the left. Hopefully one of the admin team will be about to help you find a suitable place to set up.


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