General Event Guidlines

Like most people, I am not a fan of huge sets of rules but I appreciate that some times they are necessary. Until we are in a position to hold a large enough meeting to set up a democratically decided set of rules I propose we keep it as simple as possible.

Good manners are always the key to considerate camping but for clarity and the avoidance of  misunderstandings I propose the following guidelines should be in effect until group rules can be decided at a significant meeting. ( At least thirty  attending an organised camp. ).

These are just my ideas at the moment. Nothing is set in stone yet other than the rules of individual camp sites which we must abide by, but I think these are reasonable guidelines.

The intention of the group is to create encampments with an Old School \ Steampunk atmosphere but this will need us all to work together. It's not a re-enactment so there are no “authenticy” rules but we want you to think about how you can add to everyone's experience.

It would be splendid if people try to keep up appearances as much as is practical. We are not putting on a show for an outside audience but doing this for ourselves. Of course, nobody is expecting a perfect Steampunk World but think to yourself  “What would I like to see if I was looking at a display?” If you think it looks good, other people will probably think so too.

It's often the little things that make a difference like hiding the air bed  and sleeping bag under a blanket. Throwing a tablecloth over the plastic coolbox or hiding your beer cans in a bag when you are sitting around the campfire.

I have often heard what has almost become a Steampunk maxim ”Be splendid to everyone”. here it would be nice to have encampments that “Look splendid for everyone”.

Until we think of a better way to run things, from a practical point of view, at any camp site it is useful to have a principle contact with the site operators and it would therefore be sensible if that person accepted the temporary role of group leadership for the duration of that event.

That does not mean anyone is less responsible for their own conduct but it does mean there is a final arbiter in case of any dispute that needs resolution. Basically what they say goes until the event is over and that includes any rules that they feel are necessary for the smooth running of that event. I do not think that such a provision is unfair.

First of all, this is a non profit group but we will need to cover costs that we incur for camp sites, firewood and lamp fuel.

Those fixed costs and any additional agreed costs will be divided evenly by all chargeable attendees at the camp, organisers included. Anyone not paying their fees will not be welcome at another event. It is your responsibility to make sure you have paid.

All camp fees will be collected at a time and place specified by the temporary group leader. Reimbursements can then be made at that point for any site deposits or costs that they or others have had to pay in advance.

In the spirit of a co-operative enterprise, any monies collected over and above fixed costs, agreed sundries and camping fees will be made as a donation to the relevant Scout Camp site to aid with site maintenance, site  regeneration etc. No individual shall profit from the day to day running of a group camp.

Group members are responsible for themselves,  the equipment they use and their own actions (and any non member accompanying them) at the camp. This includes meals and cooking. It is up to each member to make sure that they have enough suitable food for  their stay and and also for cooking, planning/arranging for any replenishment if/as need be.

Under 18's must be accompanied by at least one parent or legal guardian.

You brought it in, you must take it out, camping fees do not include a rubbish collection fee. There is no communal bin in the Communal Fire Area. Please provide your own rubbish bags and take responsibility for your own refuse.

Please refrain from burning rubbish on a fire which is being used to cook on and do not leave bottles, cans etc. around the fire for someone else to clean up.

Responsible drinking of alcohol is allowed, drugs are prohibited!

Please keep “colourful language” reasonable and to a moderate volume, please take into account that other site users do not wish to have to explain to their charge(s) just why certain new words shouldn't be repeated!

Please check with the temporary Group Leader before starting to pitch your tent. Positions in the camp may have been pre-planned for the overall look of the encampment.

After unloading, vehicles need to be parked up in the proper Car Park.

There will be a communal fire pit and a limited supply of wood will be provided and paid for by everyone attending. It is for the communal fire only and it will be divided into daily stacks. Once a daily stack is depleted that is all there is until the next day. Please use  firewood carefully and with consideration for all.

Wood fires on individual pitches must be raised and contained. If you want to cook on  your own stove or open fire, please bring your own supply of wood or charcoal.

Due to most camp site policies, we cannot cut down standing dead wood. The same goes for green wood, damaged or not.

It would be wise to be carrying a torch or lantern before it gets dark! It could also be provident to put a lantern on your shelter so you  can find it in the dark.

When approaching others in the dark or around the fire, please take care not to dazzle them. Hurricane lanterns are far more in keeping than torches. Good night vision takes half an hour to build up but just seconds to destroy with a torch.

In the highly unlikely event that there is need to make use of this, the Temporary Group Leader has the right to stop any individual(s) from attending a Meet. Any individual(s) who they feel endangers our future use of the site will be required to leave the site; outstanding fees will still be owed.

Noise levels after 22:00 or before 07.00 need to be respectful of other campers that desire to sleep at socially accepted hours.

Chopping (or chopping/cracking/snapping etc.) wood at 'silly o'clock' is not acceptable. Please make sure that you prepare wood for the start of the next day well before dusk and if you can't be sure, bring an alternative method of heating water/cooking.

In the event that you injure (cut, bash, squash) yourself processing wood it is expected that you will have a first aid kit / supplies suitable to treat the wound.

We are all responsible for the condition of any cabin we have booked. Please treat them with respect and try to keep the mess to a minimum. (It  might be wise to have indoor and outdoor shoes.) At the end of the weekend we will be looking for volunteers to help clean the cabin. Hopefully this will not be a large job but please offer to help if possible, many hands make for light work.

Many sites have rough ground and old drainage ditches on site, use of eyes, torch(es) and common sense should avoid any unnecessary incident(s).

These guidelines are based upon ones that have worked well for other meets in the past but may be added to in the future should the need arise.

Expected and appropriate behaviour:

Meets, in general, are very good natured, self regulating, events.

In the event that one or more attendees are found to be causing concern to others they may be required to leave the site immediately. Anyone found to be overly aggressive, excessively unruly, or are otherwise hostile to any site user in any form may be required to leave the site immediately. In the event that an issue is caused by a minor then the parent or loco parentis will be required to take them home. In the event that an issue is caused by a guest, the member who issued their invite may also be required to leave.

Because some of the sites we will be working with are, first and  foremost, Scout Camp Sites, we cannot accommodate those who might,  purposely or otherwise, do harm to others. Child protection issues must  be considered and in the absence of our own specific policy the Scouting Associations own “Young People First” Child Protection code of practice will apply.

In the event that a member or a guest has a known mental disability which might affect behaviour let us know and, where we can, we will adapt and make allowances. In the event that we don't know that someone has behavioural issues (potential or otherwise) and attendees are found to have been put at risk, the member, inviting member and/or their guest may be asked to leave with immediate effect.

If you see, experience or suspect something amiss, please speak out, we cannot help if we don't know.

I am sorry if this all looks terribly formal but I think it is best to have it out in the open. If anyone thinks I have left out anything important then drop me a line and we will consider including it.

In practice we aim to have a very relaxed and informal attitude on site and to my knowledge we have never had to enforce any of these rules in the past because good manners have always prevailed.

I feel sure that will also be the case in our splendid future.

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