The event is being co-ordinated on the Facebook Group as usual or you can drop me a line from here.     So come and stake your claim up the Klondike.

The Goldrush Camp 2019

Four days Old School / Steampunk Camping and Outdoor Life.

24th - 27th May 2019

Rough Close Campsite nr. Coventry

Our second camp of the 2019 season, once again at our favourite venue in the Midlands with excellent access from all parts of the country.

There is an optional “Goldrush” theme to allow you to be in touch with your inner 49er, Gambler, Outlaw or Showgirl if you like but as always we just want you to come along and join into the spirit of things.

There will of course be a group cook off one evening, you know we all enjoy our food, and we hope to have the usual crafts and activities on the go during the day times.

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