The Steam Tent Co-operative Craft Camp 2019

A Steam Tent Co-operative event with a difference over the August Bank Holiday weekend.

 We will of course be setting up our extraordinary encampment with it’s usual Retro / Old School / Steampunk Twist but we are particularly concentrating on crafts and skill sharing at this camp.

A simple Leatherworking workshop at the Goldrush Camp 2019

The layout of Rough Close gives us the opportunity to have other tents, pitched close by but out of sight of the main encampment, so that people not yet ready or able to go fully “Steam Tent” can still join in with camp life in the communal areas but retire to their own accommodation when needed. This is great for members just starting out.

All we ask is that people do their best to join in the spirit of the camp to maintain the look and feel that we are trying to create. It’s really not too difficult. Dress code is “Old fashioned to fully “Steampunk” if you like. We try to keep modern packaging and equipment out of sight in the main part of the camp, much can be achieved with simple cloth bags or strategic blankets. It just takes a little thought.

Amongst the group we have a wide variety of traditional crafts and outdoor skills to share. Some of this will be done through informal workshops over the weekend but much can be achieved while sitting around the camp fire, making, modifying and mending in a friendly, convivial atmosphere.

If you are interested in getting involved, visit the FaceBook group page where these events are normally co-ordinated or you can drop me a line for more information here.

Evening at the Goldrush Camp 2019
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